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If you have not confirmed that your child will be attending school, please complete the form below and we will let you know details for your child to attend. Your child cannot return until a form has been completed.

Return to School Form

All children returning to school must bring their own packed lunch in a bag that can be thrown away after use. We will continue to keep in touch with parents/carers of children who are already attending school regarding any changes.

A Tour of Eglinton for Returning Pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6

At the moment no parents are allowed on school premises. If you need to get in touch please contact the school via or telephone 020 8854 6917.

September 2020 Nursery Places Available - Please apply now -       Click here for the application form

Please email completed nursery applications to 

Miss Spacey Reads Harry Potter Chapter 2

Miss Mahoney Shows Us How to Make a Miniature Book

In line with Government announcements, Eglinton Primary School is now closed to most pupils. If you wish to contact us, school phone lines will be open between 9.30am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday. You will also be able to contact us by email using

At Eglinton we are passionate about supporting and promoting walking to school and from school each day. To encourage our children to walk to school each day we ask for children to download an activity sheet and create a drawing or poem of what you would like to see when you are taking a walk. Once you have finished, please email your work to Sharon on We are planning to create a display of our childrens work. Further information can be found on THIS LINK about National Walking Month.

Have you applied for your Year 6 child’s Zip Oystercard ready for September? Click here for details of how to apply.

Greenwich Dance Launches Free Online Dance Series for Young People Free Online Dance Classes

Home Learning resources for Nursery, Reception & Years 1 - 6

Greenwich Community Hub Support for Families - Covid-19 [NEW ONLINE REFERRAL]

The Greenwich Community Hub can provide support for a range of challenges families face whether that is financial pressures or otherwise.  This includes: collecting / delivering prescriptions; delivering essential food packages; connecting families to local community services to support with other areas such as finances. The Hub also now has an online referral route in addition to the telephone and email route. 

Contact the Greenwich Community Hub on: Tel: 0800 470 4831 Email:


Please see the webpage for further information