Eglinton Primary School and Early Year Centre



School Travel at Eglinton

At Eglinton, 84% of our children sustainably travel to school. We encourage all our children to walk, scoot or cycle to school. In school, we have cycle and scooter parking facilities for our children to leave their bikes and scooters in safety.   During the school year, we endeavour to engage our whole school community in the events and promotions we take part in.

Road Safety Skills Training

Every year we co-ordinate with the Road Safety Team at Greenwich to ensure that Reception to Year 6 have Road Safety Training. Each workshop is designed to teach our children the essential life skills in develop into independent travellers. The workshops look at all aspects of travelling safely in relation to the year group.


In 2022/23, we have been able to start our TIGERS independent travel programme. We met with our Road Safety team from Greenwich and they came into to support the delivery of the programme. This supports our vulnerable children in year 5/6 to become independent travellers.  These children have learnt essential skills to support their transition into secondary school. They are continuing to use these skills with their parents and families.

Junior Travel Ambassadors

We currently have three Junior Travel Ambassadors that are in Year 5. Our Junior Travel Ambassadors have had a busy year in organising events, such as Car Free Day (September 2022), Cycle and Scoot to School Week (October 2022),Be Bright & Be Seen (November 2022), Walk to School Week (May 2023), Clean Air Day (June 2023) and Street Tag launch (June 2023). They are very pro-active and always willing to talk to our children and families if they have questions regarding school travel.


Our Year 6 children were given the opportunity to participate in Bikeability training in January 2023.We had 24 children complete their level 2 Bikeability training, which means they have to necessary skills to be able to safely ride a bike on the road. These are essential life skills and gives the child the ability use them to travel sustainably throughout their life.

ZIP Oystercards for Year 6 Children

We ensure that our year 6 children have applied for their ZIP Oystercard, which will enable them to access FREE travel until they are 16 years old.

Oystercard Leaflet

Our Year 6 children attended a Junior Citizenship Day (20th June 2023) organised by the Road Safety team in Greenwich and this workshop supports these children in thinking and planning the way they will be travelling to school. The children visit mini workshops, covering topics such as:

  • - Road Safety
  • - Personal Safety
  • - Fire Safety
  • - First Aid
  • - Tube and Bus Safety
  • - Dog Safety

 Scooter fun!

Many of our children now ride scooters to school. In March 2023, we had a Scoot Fit Day for KS1 children. They learnt the essential skills to ride safely with their scooters. Scooting is an area we will look to develop in 2023/24.

Air Quality/Local Environmental Survey

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors attended an Air Quality Convention at Charlton House on 8th June 2023, to learn and discuss with other school the issues around air quality in Greenwich. The JTA’s will be conducting more Air Quality experiments throughout next year (2023/24) so we are able to measure the air quality around our school in the different seasons. We will be able to discuss this with our School Travel Planning Co-Ordinator in Greenwich and our local councillor.

We have asked our parents/carers to complete a survey regarding the local environment, as this is what our children see when coming into school every day. The same survey was completed last summer 2022 (57 responses), so this will be a comparison survey to analyse what has improved and what still needs to be addressed.

Environment Survey