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French Lessons

Miss Moumen's French Quiz - 7th July 2020

French Quiz - A Bit About France

Miss Moumen's French Lesson - 23rd June 2020

Miss Moumen's French Lesson - 16th June 2020


1.  Watch the video below and practice the new vocabulary repeating each word carefully after me. Do this regularly and aim to learn a few nouns a day. Are they masculine or feminine? Can you spell any from memory?

2.  Use the vocabulary provided and the example sentences to write some sentences in French.​


J’habite – I live

à - in

c’est - it is

il y a – there is

il n’y a pas DE (no un/une etc) – there isn’t

beaucoup de – a lot/lots of

3. Listen to the song on Youtube about places in the town.

Google quand je vais a l’ecole – a French song to learn places in the town by Nathalie Bonneau.  How many places can you recognise?


Miss Moumen's French Homework - 9th June 2020

Belgium Project

Miss Moumen's French Lesson - 22nd May 2020

Miss Moumen's French Lesson - 15th May 2020

Miss Moumen's French Lesson - 24th April 2020

1 Les Animaux

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