Eglinton Primary School and Early Year Centre



Welcome to Eglinton

Eglinton Primary School is a values-based learning community, committed to the education of the whole child.

We are always seeking new and creative ways of engaging children in learning experiences that motivate and entice them to deepen their understanding and develop a lifelong love of learning. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum and strive to achieve high academic standards for all children and believe this is best achieved through teaching that is engaging, innovative and personalised to children’s needs.

We are committed to children valuing learning both in and out of school, providing a programme of educational visits and residential school journeys. We are working hard to develop outdoor areas in school and are proud of our forest school and how children engage positively in this experience.

We have a very close relationship with our community and always listen to the views and desires of children and parents so that we can keep improving and enhancing all that we do.

We survey parents yearly to gain their views and ideas for developments and consult with pupils to drive meaningful change across the school. If parents would like to see Mrs Jarrett-Shorter or raise any concerns they can email the school and arrange a meeting to see her.

We are part of a partnership of schools comprising of Cardwell and Henwick and are currently working with Holy Family. The Partnership offers immense opportunities to develop the quality of provision, sharing of good practice and professional growth.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website.