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Research at Eglinton

Eglinton Primary School has become increasingly engaged in Research and Enquiry as a means of identifying and spreading good practice, improving Teaching and Learning and ultimately accelerating children’s progress in their emotional, physical and cognitive learning and development.    

A range of staff have carried out specific projects whilst being engaged in formal programmes including Masters Degrees and Leadership courses through the National College.  The various projects have supported the development of our provision of

  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Physical Education and Sports curriculum
  • Our provision which supports children who are learning English as an Additional Language
  • Transition arrangements between the Early Years provision and Curriculum and the Primary Curriculum
  • Feedback to children
  • Our commitment to engaging and working with parents and our wider community.

In March 2016 the school was visited by Professor Lesley Saunders from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) who assessed our engagement with Research and found that our work met the criteria to be awarded the NFER Research Mark at an Established Stage.

Eglinton RM Report